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Eileen Broer, MCEC: Testimonials from Fortune 50-500 Clients

Coaching Testimonials for Eileen Broer, MCEC, from Fortune 50-500 Coaching Clients

“I highly recommend Eileen as a coach for good leaders who are striving to become motivating, exceptional leaders.”

“Eileen provides an approach that achieves superior business results in a positive way that energizes colleagues and employees to operate at their full potential.”

“I achieved a transformational improvement in my Collaborative Leadership capability, discovered my leadership “blind spot”, improved my self-awareness, and adapted a set of natural tools to ensure I am always leading in a positive and team oriented manner.”

“Together we have worked on real business problems and situations, strategized and planned out approaches to deal with them, and executed plans that have led to very successful outcomes.”

“Working with Eileen revolutionized the way I interact with others. The results have been remarkable, boosting my career immediately.”

“Eileen has coached in some of our most difficult situations and does so with grace, high emotional intelligence, authenticity, and strong outcomes.”

“If I were CEO of my own company, Eileen would be the first person I would hire.”

“Eileen has helped strong leaders become even more effective, and struggling leaders become aware of and gain control over potential de-railers.”

” Because of her unique blend of immense empathy, deep knowledge, and considerable business acumen she able to yields very tangible and constructive results.”

“My personal work with Eileen has been watershed. As a coach she keeps you honest. She provides no passes on individual accountability.“

“Eileen is a trusted colleague and a sage.”

“Working with Eileen changed my life.”

“Eileen truly understands people, relationships, organizations and behavioral change. She guided me to set and achieve proactive, powerful goals, breaking self-defeating behaviors.”

“As a result of Eileen’s coaching, I have implemented changes that have positively impacted results and productivity. I have become a better leader and improved my interpersonal skills. Eileen is very intuitive and helped me see my work environment in a more positive light by focusing on the opportunities instead of the risks.”

“Our executives highly recommend Eileen to others in the company.”

“Eileen is adept at changing style and tools to fit her clients, and her years of relevant executive experience is very helpful to global corporations.”

“I always felt that Eileen had a true interest in helping me.”

“Eileen’s style is very effective at getting to the root cause of items and then peeling back the skin a few more layers so that you understand your behaviors.

“Eileen can interact with clients in the style that she knows to be the most effective given the client.”