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Career Development and Outplacement

Everyone is in charge of his or her own career in today’s world. As CEO of our own company, “Self, Inc.,” we each need to know our own strengths and weaknesses. We need to apply the principles of continuous improvement to managing our careers — and our lives. We need to know what the market needs, and design and continually refine our product to meet that need. We need help in locating positions where we can have a mutually beneficial partnership. Ideally we want a position where we grow through growing the organization.

The Human Dimension’s career counselors have over twenty years of experience in all phases of career development. We provide consulting, counseling, and the appropriate assessments to individuals at the various stages of life, when:

  • choosing a major course of study in college
  • choosing the right college or universityfinding one’s first job
  • transitioning between jobs
  • career planning (for people who are currently working, including inplacement — helping people discover the right next job within their current organization)
  • retiring

We help organizations to successfully negotiate a reduction-in-force — whether it is reducing by one person or several hundred. Our services include:

  • Helping the organization’s leaders to plan and implement the reduction-in-force so that it will have the least negative impact on the organization’s ability to move forward.
  • Developing and presenting programs for people who are leaving the organization.
  • Developing and presenting programs for people who are staying in the organization (an often overlooked critical group of people).
  • Individual career counseling for people who are staying in the organization.
  • Management coaching for the organization’s managers to support them in supporting their people through the transition.
  • Team building programs for renewing team spirit.
  • Organization design consulting to help make the best use of the organization’s human resources.