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Cross Cultural and Expatriate

The Human Dimension helps ensure the success of expatriate assignments from the United States to Hong Kong, China and Australia.

What Makes an Expatriate Assignment Successful?

Several factors are known to be indicative of expatriates’ success when they transfer either into or out of an expat assignment. These include:

  • Family adjustment
  • Clear objectives for the assignment
  • Clear job role
  • Clear plans for repatriation or reassignment
  • Human resource and logistical support
  • Previous international work and living experiences
  • Knowledge of the host country’s culture
  • Positive attitudes towards the assignment and the host country.

Another very important success factor is a host boss and coworkers who are inter-culturally competent. The boss should be willing and able to mentor the expatriate. The expatriate and the expatriate’s teammates benefit greatly from help in bringing the expatriate fully into the team.

How We Can Help  

We meet with the expatriate’s organization to discuss each particular case, and design whatever interventions (for example, training, cultural orientations, coaching, mentoring, team building, meetings….) which are appropriate within the client’s budget.

We combine our knowledge of living and working in the United States, China, Hong Kong and Australia with our knowledge of human systems, organization development, and counseling to ensure a successful expatriate assignment.

We coach the expatriate, his or her family, and the people he/she will interact with in the organization in intercultural competencies, self-awareness, and the interpersonal skills they need.

We facilitate a good relationship between the host boss and the expatriate. We help the host boss to have the intercultural competency needed to be an effective leader of this expatriate, and provide the right support to ensure his or her success as quickly as possible.

We work with the expatriate’s new team to facilitate his or her smooth transition into the team. (A side benefit of this is better teamwork throughout the team.)

We follow up with the family to ensure that they have a good transition, as their happiness is critical to the expatriate’s ability to fully concentrate on being effective at work.