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Audio Programs by Eileen Broer, MCEC

Eileen Broer

A master-certified Corporate Executive Coach and Organization Development Consultant with 30 years of experience, author Eileen Broer is President and Founder of the Human Dimension.

Her trailblazing background includes serving as: Vice President of three Fortune 500 companies – and as the first female in that role for two of them; coaching and providing consulting support to hundreds of executives, leadership teams, and individuals in organizations all over the world.

Having facilitated numerous leadership development workshops, human interaction laboratories, and Gestalt self-awareness groups, Eileen has made a difference in the lives of diverse people from all levels and all types of organizations.

Eileen has been president of several associations, held seats on several Boards, and received a number of awards in recognition of her extraordinary leadership. Her many clients have included global Fortune 50-500 firms, multinational corporations, non-profits, government agencies, Chinese joint ventures and government agencies, and entrepreneurial firms in most every industry.

A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she grew up in a family of top athletes, Eileen can often be found hiking with her husband in the mountains and co-leading volunteer crews who work for weeks at a time maintaining the Colorado Trail — 566 miles of diverse, beautiful nature trails through the Rockies.

Leading from Wholeness and Emotional Strength

Effective leaders know that the most essential leadership skills include empathy, recognition of the affect of emotions, and employing appropriate ways to respond to their own and others’ emotions.

Organizational leaders are constantly facing new challenges that spur them to change and require them to steer others through the (seemingly neverending) change; but organizations do not change unless the people in them do. Moreover, since change is personal and emotional for those facing it, leaders have to do more than just understand and master their own emotions and the roles different emotions play in their own lives. They have also have to do that for those with whom they interact.

In Leading from Wholeness and Emotional Strength, Broer simplifies the complex world of emotions and provides a road map for how to successfully navigate it. Listeners gain a deeper understanding of emotions and of the tools and practices that allow us to become compassionate, effective leaders.


“Packed with insights! You will listen to this CD over and over and continue to find new applications each time. Even though [it is] geared towards leadership, since emotions are boundary-less, its contents are enlightening for any listener.”

Afsaneh Noori, Author of Change Thrivers, Change Thrivers Coach, Leadership & Team Development Consultant, Speaker

“This is a great CD! I’m amazed at the parallels with our work in men’s leadership development.”

Bill Kauth, Author, A Circle of Men, and co-developer, Warrior-Monk Leadership Training for Men. Same testimonial as earlier CD – stick it in as a placeholder for now.

Those who would benefit from this information include:

Leaders, managers, aspiring managers, team leaders, coaches, executives, organization developers, human resources and talent management professionals, and parents. (Did we leave anybody out?)

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The Power of Unfinished Business

Ever have thoughts that won’t leave you alone? Thoughts that keep you up at night?

Ever argue with someone inside your head?

Ever know intuitively that someone has an issue with you, but you’ve chosen to just ignore and/or smooth it over entirely?

If you answered “yes” to one or all of these questions, you are likely experiencing the power of unfinished business. In fact, it’s part of the human condition to experience some unfinished business in each of our lives.

Using Gestalt psychology, Eileen Broer explains the steps we can take to finish it – even when it involves someone who can’t or won’t meet us halfway; even when your relationship with this other person is not important enough to confront them.

Want to learn why completing unfinished business is one of the most helpful things one can do for our overall health, well-being, and personal growth – and for that of our friends, co-workers, teammates, and families? Click here to buy the CD now. (Or read these testimonials and then click there to buy the CD then.


“One of the wisest, most useful presentations out there. It helps all of us better understand the need for constructive conflict, and why our ‘unfinished business’ is holding us back from true actualization.”

Dr. Jean G. Hauser, Ed.D., Assistant Dean, Executive Education, Duke University

“Brilliant! Practical principles that will dramatically improve your professional and personal relationships.”
Riki Robbins, Ph.D., Psychologist, and Author of “Betrayed and Negotiating Love”

“A masterpiece… cutting edge… powerful….”
Bernie Ashman, M.A., author, Roadmap to Your Future

“Excellent! I leverage this information by focusing on unfinished business in mergers and acquisitions – I allow for mourning rituals now.” Larry Stybel, Ed.D. Board of Directors, Thought Leader, Coach, Adjunct Faculty in Organizational Behavior Harvard University

You will benefit from the information on this CD if you answer yes to:

  • Have you experienced unfinished business or been the recipient of someone else’s? (HINT: that’s pretty much everyone!)
  • Do you want to improve your relationship with yourself and others – at home and at work?

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Nine Leadership Secrets

What makes a great leader?

What makes people commit their energy to some leaders and not to others?

Eileen Broer has researched the answers to these questions and, in Nine Leadership Secrets, presents her findings in a unique and compelling way so that leaders at all stages of development will walk away from listening to Nine Leadership Secrets with a new learning.

As Dr. Jean Hauser, Assistant Dean, Duke University Executive Education, teaches: “We need to lead where we stand.” This CD covers the steps we can all take to grow ourselves into better leaders – in all our spheres of influence, including in our personal and work lives.

It is both inspirational and rich with Broer’s own profound experiences as a C-level executive for three Fortune 500s and as an executive coach and team developer for over 20 years. The CD is informed and enlightened with quotes and examples from diverse organizational leaders and leadership texts, including: General William Pagonis, Max DePree, James Autry, Peter Senge, Warren Bennis, Elliott Jacques, Clarissa Picola Estes, Rensis Leikert, and the Harvard Business Review.


“Scholarly. Outstanding!”
Robert Kramer, Lecturer, School of Business and Public Management, George Washington University

“This is a great CD! I’m amazed at the parallels with our work in men’s leadership development.”
Bill Kauth, Author, A Circle of Men, and co-developer, Warrior-Monk Leadership Training for Men

“This CD has had a very positive effect on my life. It is a wonderful gift to the universe.”
Dr. Riki Robbins, Ph.D., Psychologist and Author of Betrayed and Negotiating Love

“Dynamite! Powerful!” Robert Neuville, Psychologist, Management Developer, Fortune 100

People who will benefit from this information include:

  • Managers who are ready to transition to becoming leaders.
  • People wanting to become more authentic and confident in their leadership style.
  • Those who want to expand their understanding of leadership and increase the impact of their own leadership.
  • Coaches who help others develop leadership skills and infuse their management styles with leadership behaviors.

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